Commence blogging…

Hello out there!

Well after a lengthy period of procrastination and many chin strokes, head scratches and general pondering I’ve finally done it.  I finally decided to launch a blog and here it is, the world may not necessarily be better or worse for it and blogs like this are a dime a dozen but hopefully one or two people might actually read it (and maybe, just maybe…enjoy it?).

So what is this blog all about I hear you cry as you yearn for me to get to the point (not always my strongest attribute I admit).  Well, firstly my name is Chris (hello) and I love movies, TV, comic books, video games and…well that’s a vast area so I’ll just leave it there and start writing some stuff!

It’s all a work in progress and I’m new to the blogging thing, but like all ventures this is a journey so stick with me as I find my feet, follow me on Twitter (@CaptChris82) for general Geek ramblings and updates on this blog.

Oh and as a final word I would just like to extend a special thanks to my good friend Alexander Williams who encouraged me to pursue this idea – thanks mate, you’re a true one!

Alex produces some rather excellent and highly enjoyable short films (and YouTube hits) – be sure to check out his website at!


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