GBUK progress report

Thank you

Well I’ve been blogging for around a month now and seem to be finding my feet a little and picking up some followers (hopefully I’ll continue to add more) so a big thanks to all of you readers out there for taking the time to read the blog.

I’m generally pleased with the stats so far (I keep telling myself it’s still early days) and it’s been great discovering some of the other blogs via WordPress.

As it stands my aim is to publish at least two posts a week (more if time/creativity permits), I’m mindful that the bulk of the content so far is film related and I hope to balance it out a little with some more comic book and TV related articles.

It’d be great to hear from you all, so please don’t be shy and add your thoughts by commenting on the various posts and don’t forget that you can follow me on Twitter, follow/like the blog and can also check out/like the Facebook page – see the right hand column (which I hope I haven’t cluttered too much!) for details.

So, until next time – take care!

All the best, Chris…your friendly neighbourhood Geek Blogger!

Chris 01

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