‘Man of Steel’ sequel in 2015 will be a Batman/Superman film…

Following on from my recent post about hopes for what direction a Man of Steel sequel might take (which you can read here), Warner Bros Pictures have now officially announced the next stage in the DC Comics cinematic universe…a Batman/Superman film penciled in for a Summer 2015 release!

The announcement was made at the San Diego Comic-Con by non-other than Man of Steel director himself, Zack Snyder together with actor Harry Lennix (who played General Swanwick in the recent blockbuster) – quoting from Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns.  Whilst Snyder has denied that the Batman/Superman film will directly adapt that seminal masterpiece (there’s already the excellent two-part animated adaptation anyway), it’s assumed that it will be one of the sources Goyer will draw from together with elements of other stories (much as was the approach with the Dark Knight films).

Zack Snyder is to direct with a screenplay from David S. Goyer.  Henry Cavill will return to don the red cape and the search for a new Bruce Wayne/Batman will no doubt be surging ahead (cue ensuing speculation).  It seems that Christopher Nolan and Emma Thomas will have reduced involvement this time out as they will serve as executive producers.  This is only natural as their producing roles on Man of Steel were probably more to serve as a transition from the immensely successful Dark Knight trilogy to the burgeoning big screen DC Universe.

My main hope is that the film doesn’t focus too heavily on any conflict (especially physical, as will obviously be tempting given their legendary face-off in TDKR) between the two über icons.  Granted it’s likely when the two heroes meet – each with their often opposing values and philosophies – but their relationship is arguably just as interesting when they combine the yin and yang of their ideals for the greater good.

But what threat will unite DC’s biggest superheroes?  Given the hints already made in Man of Steel it seems only right that Lex Luthor steps out of the shadows…will he perhaps be joining forces with one of Gotham’s rogues?

Anyway, this really is mind blowing news for comic book fans the world over – the very notion of a Batman/Superman always an exciting prospect.  The project will be an important and necessary stepping stone to the inevitable Justice League (now rumoured to be heading to screens in 2017) and the correct approach in establishing the wider cinematic DCU.

What are your thoughts on a Batman/Superman cinematic team up?  Leave a comment below!

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