Comic Review: ‘Star Trek/Green Lantern: The Spectrum War’ #1

Written by:  Mike Johnson / pencilled by:  Angel Hernandez

What’s it about?

While investigating a rogue planet, the crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise discover the corpse of a mysterious alien being and several strange, colourful rings…

In review

Star Trek/Green Lantern is the latest of IDW Publishing’s Star Trek crossover events (with DC Comics), having previously delivered successful ‘team-ups’ with iconic comic book/science fiction properties Legion of Super Heroes, Doctor Who and Planet of the Apes.  Whereas those previous mini-series have featured the original and next generation Star Trek crews, Star Trek/Green Lantern opts to focus on the more contemporary cast of the rebooted Trek universe depicted in J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek and Star Trek Into Darkness.

Written by Mike Johnson, the opening chapter of The Spectrum War gives readers a tantalising glimpse into a potentially exciting and epic comic book crossover as events are precipitated by Kirk and Spock’s discovery of the corpse of – unbeknownst to them – Ganthet, one of Oa’s Guradians.  Granted, this premiere issue provides a lot of setup and focuses heavily on the Trek universe but Johnson’s script incorporates enough intrigue, excitement and links to DC Comics’ Green Lantern that, although ultimately there are few surprises, fans of both franchises will find pleasing.

Johnson is no stranger to Star Trek having written many of IDW’s Trek comics and as always is true to the mythos of the franchise and faithfully captures the voices of its main characters.  Whilst it remains to be seen how well he handles those elements of the Green Lantern universe (and in turn, how seamlessly the crossover plays out) the fact that this premiere issue manages to successfully integrate power rings, Klingons and a finale appearance from heroic lantern Hal Jordan (I’m certainly looking forward to seeing how he and Kirk ‘get on’ and certainly how the Enterprise crew handle the ramifications of being selected by a power ring) so joyously gives no cause for concern at this stage.

Just as Johnson provides a solid script, Angel Hernandez delivers stunningly detailed art with decent character likenesses (and some striking images of the Enterprise) that, together with Alejandro Sanchez’s vibrant and sharp colours give the visuals a feature film quality that can often be lacking from such an ambitious project.

Overall, a crossover between Star Trek and Green Lantern is a suitable match with both properties having similar narrative and visual components with their eclectic mix of strange new worlds, weird and wonderful life forms and a positive outlook for a better tomorrow, even in the face of whatever dark and dangerous threats the universe has in store.

The bottom line:  IDW has delivered a strong start to their Star Trek/Green Lantern crossover, which thanks to a quality script and luscious artwork shows a lot of potential.

Star Trek/Green Lantern: The Spectrum War #1 is published by IDW and is available in print and digital formats now.

Angel Hernandez provides the wonderful art in IDW Publishing's promising 'Star Trek/Green Lantern' crossover.

Angel Hernandez provides the wonderful art in IDW Publishing’s promising ‘Star Trek/Green Lantern’ crossover.

2 thoughts on “Comic Review: ‘Star Trek/Green Lantern: The Spectrum War’ #1

  1. Likely my memory is faulty, but is Hal Jordan jumping from a GL life expectancy of four¼ years to surviving several centuries into the 2260s? or do they not cover that? : /

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