GBUK film classics: ‘From Russia With Love’

With ‘Spectre’ currently taking the worldwide box office by storm, here’s an earlier GBUK post looking at one of the very best James Bond films…


Looking at some all-time film favourites…


“Red wine with fish.  Well that should have told me something”


Year:  1963

Starring:  Sean Connery, Daniela Bianchi, Pedro Armendariz, Lotte Lenya, Robert Shaw, Bernard Lee

Director:  Terence Young / Written by:  Richard Maibaum

What’s it about?

Crack spy James Bond is dispatched to Istanbul on a mission to capture a Soviet coding device but soon becomes embroiled in the plots of the nefarious SPECTRE organisation…

In review

From Russia With Love is the second cinematic outing for Ian Fleming’s literary super spy (and based on Fleming’s 1957 novel of the same title), James Bond (aka 007), and ranks highly as one of the best – quite possibly THE best – of the enduringly popular film series.

Whilst 1964’s Goldfinger would catapult James Bond into the stratosphere as a pop culture icon and world-wide phenomenon, From Russia With Love presents the…

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6 thoughts on “GBUK film classics: ‘From Russia With Love’

    • You most definitely need to see this one Keith, perhaps my all time fave Bond – could I also recommend ‘On Her Majesty’s Secret Service’ if you haven’t seen that one?

      • Actually that is another one I need to see. I’ve heard it is the one film that is most like Flemings novels. I’ve also heard that it feels a lot different then the other 007 films which makes it unique.

      • That’s very true, it’s a much more personal film for Bond (played by George Lazenby) for reasons I won’t spoil and features the gorgeous Diana Rigg who is easily one of the best Bond girls who is so much more than a typical Bond girl! Also, it features one of John Barry’s strongest Bond scores.

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