TV Review: ‘Iron Fist’ – Season 2 Premiere

It’s time for round 2 with the new season of Marvel’s ‘Iron Fist’…

Iron Fist 2-01

Finn Jones returns for season 2 of Marvel’s ‘Iron Fist’ (image credit: Marvel/Netflix, used for illustrative purposes only).

Spoiler-free review

Starring:  Finn Jones, Jessica Henwick, Jessica Stroup, Tom Pelphry, Sacha Dhawan, Alice Eve

Series created by:  Scott Buck (Iron Fist created by Roy Thomas and Gil Kane)

Written by:  M. Raven Metzner / episode directed by:  David Dobkin

What’s it about?

As criminal gangs disrupt the peace in New York, Danny Rand is faced with an old acquaintance and a possible threat to his standing as the Immortal Iron Fist…

Episode review

After a first season that was met with a fairly lukewarm reception, Marvel’s Iron Fist returns for a second go.  Following the events of The Defenders and season 2 of Luke Cage, “The Fury of Iron Fist” finds Danny Rand choosing to live a simpler life, leaving the day-to-day business of Rand Enterprises to those who are more interested in corporate affairs.  More at ease with his role as the Immortal Iron Fist, Danny continues to use his abilities to defend the innocent and uphold Matt Murdock’s plea to keep New York safe.  Colleen too, chooses to lead a more moral and purposeful existence as she helps out at a local community centre.  However, with the rise of gang warfare and the return of Davos, any peace that Danny and Colleen have established could be about to be unravelled.

Season 1 of Iron Fist was not anywhere near as bad as most would lead you to believe, whilst the story may have felt a little stretched and the focus on corporate drama a little generic and unsatisfying it still had its moments with an intriguing if familiar origin story.  With The Defenders, there was some positive growth in the character of Danny Rand with better writing and a more confident and assured performance from Finn Jones (and Jones’ cameo in season 2 of Luke Cage was a highlight).  This continues here as the series gains a new showrunner and a desire to make a fresh start.

“The Fury of Iron Fist” is very much an opening chapter with a fairly slow beginning that’s mostly set-up and puts the pieces in place whilst familiarising viewers with the world and characters of Iron Fist.  There’s some action sprinkled in, with slick and well-choreographed fight scenes that pack a more brutal punch than what we’ve seen previously in this series.  Finn Jones and Jessica Henwick are both solid and there’s great chemistry between them and are assuredly the heart and soul of the series.

The return of Davos adds a thick layer of tension as he feels Danny is avoiding his truer responsibilities as the champion protector of K’un Lun.  There’s still a bit of generic soap drama with Ward and Joy but it may turn out more interesting this time around – especially in regards to Joy, seen as she’s in cohorts with Davos.

The most intriguing aspect though is the introduction of Alice Eve as Mary, a character who seems sweet but has something strange and unsettling going on behind closed doors.  If you’re a Marvel Comics reader then you’ll pretty much know what is going in and it’ll be interesting to see how things unfold.

With the main players established, the story foundations in place and a tighter run of ten episodes that may be of benefit, season 2 of Iron Fist has potential.

The bottom line:  the new season of Iron Fist gets off to a slow but promising start that may placate criticisms of the first season.

All 10 episodes of Iron Fist season 2 are available to stream now via Netflix.

11 thoughts on “TV Review: ‘Iron Fist’ – Season 2 Premiere

  1. Agreed, season 1 of Iron Fist did seem to stretch the story out a bit, but it was ok. I’ve not had a chance to check out season 2 yet, but your views on it have certainly got me interested to see it now. I enjoyed The Defenders and I think Iron Fist was well served by that storyline, so season 2 of Iron Fist sounds like it has great potential.

  2. The first season was not as terrible as most claim but it’s a relief that the second season (so far, only have seen the first few episodes) is better than the first with a more grounded Rand and more energetic fight scenes.

  3. I’m a couple of episodes into the series and I have to say that this season feels much more fresh and improved compared to the first season. The upgrade in the fighting scenes is also impressive, compared to the choppy and less confident stuff I seemed to notice from the first season. I like how things are being developed on the turf war part, even the internal struggles. I do wonder what Davos is planning and what’s coming towards the end. Also super excited that we’re so much closer to Daredevil S3! The wait is killing me! 😀 Awesome review for the premiere, Chris. Have you also watched Runaways for Cloak & Dagger? I haven’t checked those out, but I am curious to hear what you think of them (even if you haven’t seen them).

    • Thanks for your insightful thoughts Lashaan, as always! I am very much looking forward to Daredevil as well, I haven’t checked out Runaways or Cloak and Dagger… it’s a low priority to be honest as I can’t make the time for them at the moment but hopefully one day I might give them a go.

      • Hahah, same. I can’t help but see them as Agent of Shield quality (lack of?) material. I couldn’t even finish the first season of that show because of the insanely huge amount of cheesiness. Even though the later arcs still sound interesting… Maybe someday… Maybe.. 😀

      • AoS actually got better towards the end of the first season/into its second as it tied into Captain America: Winter Soldier so well worth revisiting!

        At the moment I’m more interested in seeing these new DC Universe shows, especially Swamp Thing which could be great if done right. Although the DCU service is only available in the States, I’ve read rumours that the shows may roll out internationally via Netflix…fingers crossed!

      • I’m also pumped about the DC Universe shows that they plan on releasing! Doom Patrol was a nice surprise announcement. 😀 A bit more skeptical about Titans though, but hey, I’m a 100% loyal DC fan and will give them the benefice of the benefit of the doubt on that matter! Swear you really heard about that rumour. That would be really amazing. I’m a bit sad that even fellow Canadians can’t enjoy their service! 😦

      • I 100% swear my good man, I read the rumour on Batman News. Again, a rumour but I can’t honestly see DC not making the shows available for those who aren’t able to get DC Universe (just as Star Trek: Discovery got rolled out outside of the U.S.).

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