Special Preview: ‘Attack of the Killer Sock’

Something spooky is ‘afoot’ in the latest short from Alexander Williams…

There's a chill in the air in the latest offering from Mcphoney Pictures - 'Attack of the Killer Sock'!

There’s a chill in the air in the latest offering from Mcphoney Pictures – ‘Attack of the Killer Sock’!

Regular GBUK readers might recall that I’ve mentioned my good friend Alexander Williams who produces numerous wonderful short films showcased via his website, mcphoney.com.

Now, it’s easy to point out that I might simply be saying all this because he’s a valued and dear friend but in all serious – the guy is TALENTED!

So, having been offered the privilege of an advanced viewing of Alex’s latest project, I have the pleasure of bringing you a brief, spoiler-free (because I want you all to check it out and enjoy it for yourselves!) look at Mcphoney Pictures’ upcoming release, Attack of the Killer Sock.

Don’t be fooled by the title of the short and the ‘central threat’.  Yes, there’s a hint of the darkly comic (as anyone would expect when a murderous piece of clothing is involved) yet it’s treated with a seriousness and intensity that you may not expect – and be pleased to discover!

As the short (clocking close to a respectable 30 minutes) opens we’re informed of the project’s inspiration – the works of late quintessential ghost story author M.R. James, many of whose stories have been adapted for television by the BBC.  The influence is clear and much like those BBC adaptations there’s deft use of simple, yet extremely effective visuals (and audio) to instil in the viewer a palpable sense of atmosphere that’s unnerving and chilling.  Alex deftly employs all of the tropes of a classic scare – utilising a diverse range of angles and close-ups and lighting techniques that reminds us that fear comes from the unknown and the unseen (or barely seen).

If only the BBC would hire Alex to produce their next M.R. James adaptation as I found Attack of the Killer Sock every bit as unsettling and effective as their adaptations of such classic James stories as the Tractate Middoth and Whistle and I’ll Come to You.

Anyway, all that’s left for me to say is to recommend viewing the trailer below and that you check out Attack of The Killer Sock when it’s released via mcphoney.com (and the Mcphoney YouTube channel) this Halloween!

A very special thanks to Alexander Williams for the opportunity to bring you this preview and all those involved in the production of Attack of the Killer Sock.  Check out Alex’s other work at www.mcphoney.com.

Attack of the Killer Sock is released via the mcphoney.com website and YouTube channel on Friday 31st October.