TV review: ‘Falling Skies’ S3 EP6 “Be Silent and Come Out”

This review contains SPOILERS

Starring:  Noah Wylie as Tom Mason, Moon Bloodgood as Anne Glass, Will Patton as Captain Daniel Weaver, Colin Cunnigham as Pope, Drew Roy as Hal Mason, Connor Jessup as Ben Mason, Maxim Night as Matt Mason, Sarah Sanguin Carter as Margaret, Seychelle Gabriel as Lourdes, Doug Jones as Cochise.

Series created by:  Robert Rodat

Episode Directed by:  Adam Kane / Written by:  David Weddle, Bradley Thompson & John Wirth / aired in the UK:  20/08/13

What’s this episode about?

Tom Mason’s plans to search for Anne and Lexi are foiled when he is taken hostage by Hal…

In review

Hot on the heels of the final moments of last week’s episode, “Be Silent and Come Out” opens with Tom Mason, still recovering from his injuries, scrambling to mount a search for his missing loved ones.  Luckily he yields to Weaver’s pleas to wait 24 hours so that the Skitter rebellion’s leader, ‘Red Eye’ can gather intelligence from his spies.  All seems to settle within these opening few minutes but as we see from Hal’s reaction there’s a lot more in store for the viewer.

Picking up on threads from the last episode, Marina (Gloria Rueben, enjoying and increased role these past few weeks and adding to the tapestry of the series) raises her concerns about the Volm with Tom who is dismayed at his trusted aide’s trepidations.  It’s a tight little scene that gives both Wylie and Rueben the opportunity to spark off one other and I trust that all will be revealed in good time especially as this season progresses to a close.  I also wonder if we’ll see – the still missing – Cochise again?

Hal, once again under Karen’s control, interrupts and after knocking Marina down and leads Tom by gunpoint into a Humvee, which Maggie takes out with a machine gun.  It’s all a tense affair as Hal drags Tom into a nearby building (as I’ve noted before, the ruins of Charleston are aptly reminiscent of Saving Private Ryan).  A hostage situation ensues allowing for some neat moments between Noah Wylie and Drew Roy as Tom tries to reach his son as an increasingly manic Hal fights to regain control.

It seems not much has changed with Pope even after the events of the previous episode as he find himself relieved of duty (along with the rest of the Berserkers) by Weaver after stirring up dissent leading to conflict with Ben and a later, Wild West style showdown at the Nest (Charleston’s Saloon Bar) where Weaver (another great turn form the understated but always excellent Will Patton) warns Pope who is running a betting pool on the outcome of the Mason crisis.

Matt leads Maggie and Ben to a secret entrance to the building Tom is being held in, quickly diffusing the situation as Hal breaks down and attempts to shoot himself.  An already intense performance from Drew Roy reaches its apex as he is strapped down in the infirmary with Tom making the decision to utilise a procedure disclosed by Red Eye to remove the parasite Karen is using to control Hal.

It works and all seems well with Hal back to normal, but it definitely feels there is some ambiguity about his identity as the mole – could the writers be about to pull one out of the hat?

With the crisis resolved, Tom tenders his resignation and as Marina is sworn in as President of the New United States, he is accompanied by his three sons as they head out to search for Anne and Lexi…

The bottom line:  A tense episode with some standout performances, “Be Silent and Come Out” continues the expected trend of quality episodes and decent characterisation throughout this season of Falling Skies.

Falling Skies Season 3 airs Tuesdays at 9pm on Fox (UK).  Seasons 1 and 2 are currently available on Blu-ray and DVD.

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